Saturday, September 02, 2006

To blog or not to blog.

It is September and I have not yet changed the calendar above my desk. I also have not written anything in a while. In fact, the whole month of August went by without much writing on my part. I read other blogs where people post something every day even if it has no significance at all. Yet I find myself unable to write even the simplest things like: today I have nothing to say. My original goal was to write about the things that I, as an immigrant, find absolutely bizarre. I have always wanted to have a platform for my thoughts and now that I have one I fail to use it. Maybe my location has something to do with my lack of writing. My friend Leather Peguin, who resides in NYC, has no problems coming up with stuff to write about. On the other hand, he never had any problems in that department. I know that daily life has something to do with my inability to write, but I always aspired to become a writer and not writing is a sure way not to achieve my goal. Oh, well...


TC@LeatherPenguin said...

Stan, believe me, some days coming up with even boring, mindless garbage is like pulling your own teeth with a pair of pliers and makes you want to just quit the whole thing.

but it usually passes the minute something catches your attention that makes you want to break something