Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Survivor overdose.

CBS has been playing more commercials for the upcoming installment of Survivor than for the Super Bowl XLI. This Survivor installment was filmed in Fiji. Other than the location it is going to be exactly like every other Survivor, a show that I think needed to be canceled after the first season. One of the reasons I dislike Survivor is that they always take place in the tropics. Just once I wish the Survivor producers would do something different, something bold like Survivor: Siberia or even, to really amuse the viewing public, Survivor: Central Park If they do that I might have to watch.


Recently, my daughter decided that neither her nor us needed much sleep. She stays up most of the day which is fine with me and my wife. But she stays up at night, sometimes for hours, keeping us up along with her. We love her very much. But we love sleep, too. And this polyamoros relationship is becoming very hard to handle.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Second Sweden.

In a few weeks, Sweden will open an embassy in Second Life. It will be the first virtual embassy in the history of the virtual world. This is another step to creating complete virtual cities ala William Gibson.


Yesterday, two new snow related laws were added to the books in Pennsylvania. The first one requires a driver to clear all the snow of their vehicle before driving. The second one requires a driver to turn on head lights when using windshield wipers in bad weather. Of course, it barely snowed here this Winter.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Frisbee is 50.

Happy Birthday to a great piece of Americana!


Senators Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have announced their candidacy for the President of the United States. And all I can say is: good luck. If America was not ready for a Jewish Vice President, it is nowhere near ready for an African-American President or a woman President. Personally, I would love to see either of them win simply because this country has been misruled by white men from both parties for years. And it would be interesting to see if either of these two could do any better. The ideal Democratic ticket, in my opinion, would be Clinton For President with Obama For Vice President because it would be amusing to see the negative campaign the Republicans would launch against these two while trying not to alienate voters by attacking a woman and a minority. With so many people running for President in 2008, I might as well announce my candidacy, too. I know I can not win, but it sure would be fun trying. So vote for me, The Ignorant Immigrant, a candidate for a true change in the White House.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Universe.

Today is the thirty fourth anniversary of Roe vs.Wade. This Supreme Court decision did two things at the same time, one was to bring America into the 20th Century and the other was to give people with nothing better to do a cause to fight over. This is why I am announcing the formation of a new group: People Against Causes. This country has been divided by causes long enough. It is time to put a stop to it. It is time to end all causes. Wherever there is going to be a march for or against something we will be there to protest both sides.


While the main idea behind keeping a blog is to share your life and views with others, sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Four weeks ago, as I was writing my Christmas post, my wife's water broke. So we went to the hospital and a little while later my daughter, Lilianna Noelle, was born. So the last month, even though my wife tells me that four weeks do not a month make, I spent working, taking care of Lili, and getting used to the idea of being a Dad. Also my wife and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary which is a big milestone in our life together especially since we now have Lili. All that kept me from having any ideas to write about. And so I attempting to get back into the blog of things, and keep those that actually read this blog interested.