Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's history.

So I am watching the night news on a local station, and they show a building being demolished in the nearby city of Wilkes Barre. As I am watching a construction worker bring down the building with a back-hoe, the news anchor says that it's a Planters building being demolished because it hasn't been used in a while. Then the anchor goes on to say that Planters was founded in 1906 in Wilkes Barre. So I go to the Planters website and sure enough the news report is right. It was founded there by two Italian immigrants. What I wonder is why wouldn't a company as big as Planters invest a little money and turn the building into a museum to celebrate their roots. This would have been good for both Planters and Wilkes Barre which is racked with drug related violence. I guess there is no sense of history in big business. Somehow I am not surprised.