Wednesday, July 01, 2009

For whom the bell tolls?

The recent celebrity deaths brought with them a slew of coverage on various television and internet channels. They also resulted in a bunch of tasteless jokes, especially at Michael Jackson's expense.

The day after Michael Jackson died, I received two text messages which contained Michael Jackson jokes from an acquaintance of mine. These were so awful that I replied to them telling this woman, who is fond of tasteless humor, I did not appreciate receiving these and that they were not amusing.

Later I read a Facebook post by another acquaintance degrading Michael Jackson. This man continued in this vein with a post about Billy Mays and another poke at Michael Jackson.

Why do people feel the need to do this?

I know that when a famous person dies their demise will automatically become big news but there are much better ways to address whatever feelings or animosities you have toward that person than bad jokes.

Death is the one thing all of us have in common. Regardless of your socioeconomic status, your education, your political views or your sexual preference, eventually you will meet your manufacturer.

Let's try to remember that next time somebody famous dies and not vilify them or attempt to profit by selling their memorabilia on eBay. Shall we?