Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fight or flight.

I have been reading Fight Club lately and have a different reaction to it than I had to the film. While the movie made want to start a fight with a complete stranger and to become like Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden because my self image is closer to the Edward Norton character.

This time around I am filled with desire to transcend my existence, if I can use that phrase, since my quest for meaning has been rather fruitless. In this Internet age, we are defined by what we do more than ever before and since my attempts to kick start a career have been dashed upon the rocks of recession I can not begin to define myself in those terms.

So I am driven to seek meaning elsewhere. The question is where? Like Fight Club's narrator I long for a better life but, unlike him, I don't believe I will find it in support groups and fight clubs.

So what is left then? I have absolutely no idea. I am Stan's Complete Confusion.


jemurr said...

Let me know what you think of the end of the book. I read it a few years back. You're not like Norton's character because your life isn't driven by materialism. Let me ask though, what makes you long for a better life?

Thanks for the link. I'll link you as well.

You're family is in my prayers.

Stan Yann said...

Well, I wasn't able to get a good job with my English degree so I got a Masters degree. And now I have been trying to start a career for a year and a half without much success.

Since I have a family and will be forty in soon, I feel like I need to get somewhere or do something else because I am running in place while other people I graduated with are galloping along in life.