Monday, September 08, 2008

CNN and Twitter.

I have been getting my breaking news from CNN via Twitter by following cnnbrk. This is a very useful, not to mention quick, way to keep up with the world as a whole. The way this works is simple. Every time something newsworthy happens, cnnbrk posts it on Twitter and I get a text message on my phone so I don't have to use the phone's browser at all.

I like receiving these updates because when you live in a small town like Bloomsburg, it's very easy to forget about the greater world that lies beyond the county line. Also I don't usually watch CNN or other news channels, but I like to at least try to stay informed. And this allows me to stay informed to a degree.

Now I am following Rick Sanchez, a CNN anchor who incorporated Twitter into his show recently. And even though I have not watched his show yet, I am not surprised by this move because using Twitter makes it faster and easier to communicate with the audience then the more traditional email.