Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Stroller test drive.

This morning Lili and I took a walk to the bustling Bloomsburg downtown to run some errands and to see some people. We recently purchased a sun stroller to replace her original stroller as the go to conveyance and to take up less space in the trunk. So today, after I assembled the new stroller, Lili and I took to the streets.

A few things became evident right away:
  1. The handles are a little low for my comfort. I am 6 feet 1 inch tall and have to stoop to hold the handles of the stroller comfortably.
  2. When you hang a diaper bag on the handles it tends to become inconvenient. It bumps against the rear wheels and slows the stroller down.
  3. The wheels are small which makes them unsuitable for off-roading or for the uneven sidewalks of Bloomsburg.
  4. The stroller is much smaller than the old one which gives it amazing maneuverability. This is a big bonus since Lili and I frequently enter stores on our journeys.
This concludes my report on the sun stroller test drive.