Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Celebrity baseball.

Just in time for the All-Star Game I discovered that Alyssa Milano, the star of both large and small screen, is an L.A. Dodgers' fan. This isn't a particularly interesting fact and neither is the fact that she has dated Dodgers' starting pitcher Brad Penny. But what I did find interesting is that she has a blog called Touch 'em All dedicated to baseball.

I have read a few entries and found that they are well written. The part that made me want to read this blog again was that it is written from a stand point of a fan, a fan with really good season tickets, but a fan nonetheless. While I expected to find the ravings of an armchair GM with a Hollywood sized ego, I found a baseball fan who used to watch the Yankees on her father's lap.

The only thing that surprised me the most about Touch 'em All is the name of its author. But, in large part due to that name, I will add Touch 'em All to my blog list.