Thursday, April 10, 2008


So it's been two years since I started this blog. It's weird that the blog and I have had such a long, in the Internet terms, relationship. This relationship at times has been a rocky one. I would often neglect the blog, not posting for days at a time. Sometimes I would have a great idea, but life would get in the way and I would forget to post.

While at school, I posted on topics I found while surfing the Internet in an attempt to avoid schoolwork. But since becoming a stay-at-home dad I spend a lot of time child wrangling with very little time dedicated to keeping up with current events. Also, since Blogger added this feature, I have been posting a lot from my phone. I even upgraded my phone in an attempt to improve the quality of my photographs. I am still working on the improvement part, but I enjoy being able to capture the moment and to add content.

Originally, I did not have a specific topic for this blog. I thought that I might come up with one as time went on. I even thought that, once I got a job in my field, I would transform this blog into something more professional. But I have come to a conclusion that I will keep this personal, chronicling my life and various adventures.


TClynch said...


Happy bloggy-versary, to yoo!
Happy bloggy-versary, to yoo!
Happy bloggy-versary, my favorite Russkie!
Happy bloggy-versary, to yoo!