Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Voting in the primary.

Today, my wife, Lili, and I went to our fire hall to vote in the Pennsylvania primary. After we parked and liberated Lili from her car seat, we discussed the people who are running for president as we walked. Since we are both Democrats, we were discussing the two historical options.

My wife said there was something about Hillary that rubbed her the wrong way. And my support and respect for Obama greatly diminished following his comment about rural Pennsylvanians being ignorant and clinging to guns and religion. I am a prime example of an ignorant rural Pennsylvania resident, hence the name of this blog, but I refuse to cling to anything other than my pillow for comfort. My pillow, unlike a gun, is not lethal and does not require a permit. Also, unlike religion, my pillow does not create barriers between people or demand sacrifices.

The voting process itself proved perilous for us. At first, the old ladies who only work during the elections could not locate my wife's name in their massive books. Then, after much searching, they discovered that my wife is still listed under her maiden name and is actually an independent. So she was not allowed to vote. And I somehow managed to screw up my ballot so I have no idea if my vote actually counted or even mattered.

Now that the results are in, and the pundits who predicted that Hillary would win in Pennsylvania have been proven right, it is time to buy large supplies of popcorn and to get ready for that most bizarre of reality game shows, the political convention. I can't wait to spend a few days in front of my television to see who gets voted out. I just hope that the candidates remember to bring their torches to the conventions.