Thursday, February 28, 2008

Unitarian Universalism.

After watching a program about Pete Seeger on PBS last night I looked him up on Wikipedia which lead me to reading about the Unitarian Universalism movement. Universal Unitarianism, according to Wikipedia, is liberal religious movement that supports a free and responsible search for truth. This is the one religious movement that actually makes sense to me because it does not disregard the individual like the more traditional forms of religion but blends common and individual beliefs into a unique theological experience.

I am very curious to find out more about the UU partly because it reminds me of a religious version of the Federation of Planets on Star Trek. This is a really good thing because in Star Trek Gene Roddenberry presented a view of the future in which there was hope for humanity. And the one major hurdle keeping us from that future is religions, or rather our insistence on fighting over the differences between these religions. If you look at any of the really long term conflicts still raging today, you will find that they can be boiled down to "my version of God versus your version of God." Maybe, if more people embrace the UU, we will eventually be able to achieve peace. Peace? How Sci-Fi of me.


Robin Edgar said...

Don't believe everything you read about Unitarian*Universalists, especially if it is published by them. . . U*Us are no better at practicing what they preach than the members of other religions. If you are perplexed by the USA you will be even more perplexed by the UU "religion".