Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl.

It's Super Bowl Sunday, the second biggest, after Easter, Sunday of the year. The amount of food consumed today will probably be greater than all the Easter dinners combined because Easter, with its church services, does not have a four hour excuse to sit in front of your television before the actual game begins. Otherwise, the two Sunday events have become very similar of late.

It used to be that the Super Bowl was a glorious culmination of the previous year's football season and therefore was held in January as close to the New Year as possible. Now the football season straddles both the Old and the New Year with the Super Bowl becoming a February mainstay. If the NFL wants to expand the season playing more times per week or starting the season in July could be possible alternatives.

After all, the Super Bowl is all about traditions and tradition dictates that it'd be held in January. If something isn't done soon, we might be celebrating the Super Bowl and Easter together.