Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How low can they go.

Yesterday, while I was visiting my friend Leather Penguin, actually I was visiting his site since he lives on a small, not-so-tropical island off the coast of New York, I saw something that amazed and amused me. As I was scrawling down his site I saw an advertisement for a blog by non other than our "beloved" (insert massive amounts of sarcasm here) Senator Rick Santorum. I clicked on it and, after viewing a few entrees, laughed. It is truly laughable that politicians will use anything to get us to vote for them. I have already received something in the mail from him, had my enjoyment of C.S.I. and spin offs interrupted by his commercials, and see campaign signs along every road in town. This, however, is something I was not expecting. I know that politicians embrace the Internet in their bid for election or re-election, but this, in my not-so-humble opinion is too far. For Pete's sake, leave blogging to those of us that don't occupy an elected office from which to spew their drivel in form of legislation and sound bites and who will not be seen on Beat The Press or Mace The Nation, as an ex-girlfriend of mine used to call them. Having said this, I would like to announce my candidacy for the US Senate as a Senator from Pennsylvania under the "Blogging for Bloggers" platform. I am The Ignorant Immigrant and I approved this message.


TC said...

That's what I get for allowing "I don't damn care" adverts to show up on my site.