Saturday, October 14, 2006

Damn Yankees.

Cory Lidle is dead. He died in a fiery crash when his plane collided with is a Manhattan building. By now this is not news, but I wanted to write about his death because it seemed to me symbolic of the Yankees performance lately. They have fallen into a holding pattern, if I may use an airplane related term here, of signing big names only to see them fail in a spectacular fashion. A perfect example of this is Randy "The Redneck" Johnson who went from being the best left handed pitcher to being just an old guy with a bad back. The Yankees should have traded for him back in 2002 after he, with some help from the Diamondbacks, won the World Series. Alex Rodriguez, whose plane just overshot the runaway, is another example of the spectacular failure pattern. At one point, he was the highest paid baseball player in the Majors. But at the time he played for the George W. Bush owned Texas Rangers and we all know how capable Bush is in the good judgement department. Don't get me wrong I am a Yankees fan, but lately they make it very hard to root for them when they squander money only to see it go up in smoke. If they want to waste millions they might as well sign me.