Monday, April 24, 2006

Let it flow.

This past weekend was a very busy one here in dear old Bloomsburg. This time of April the town usually throws a street festival to celebrate Spring. This event coinsides with the Bloomsburg University holding a Children and Siblings Weekend for their students. And the students hold a block party at which alcohol flows freely. My wife and I usually go to the street festival to partake of the food and listen to the bands. We do not have any children so going to the University sponsored shindig was useless for us. And the booze fest is a something that I just don't understand. This year, however, we would have been better off hanging out with the children or getting drunk because the street fest got rained out. Well, it would have been rained out if the organizers had the brains to close it down since it rained hard and got cold quickly, or to check the forcast and postpone it until the next weekend. But alas, poor Yorick, no such luck. The street fest must be held rain or shine. And so, soaked, cold, and laidened with cheap books we bought from local churches, we went home to watch tv and attempt to get warm. Oh well, maybe next year.