Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miley gone wild.

Cheryl Phillips, a mild mannered single mom by day and a super blogger known as The Daily Blonde by night, recently awarded Miley Cyrus a rather coveted AssHat award.

This was due to the fact that Miley, the maven of tweeendom and a Disney darling, shed her secret superstar image and performed on the MTV Teen Choice Awards as Britney Spears Jr clad in less clothes than some people put on a poodle in Winter. Miley even brought along her very own stripper pole.

Those of you who are fans of her show, and if you read this blog I highly doubt it, might find this unbelievable. But you have to remember her most recent brush with infamy: the almost naked pictures shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair. The above picture is the one I am referring to.

At first you might find it shocking that a teenage girl who is also a public figure would choose to rebel against the norm, or what is the norm for her, in such an exhibitionistic way. But if you think about it, in Hollywood reality is different from the one the rest of us occupy.

So it makes perfect sense that a 16 year-old would choose to go this route. But what horrifies me as a parent of a 2 year-old daughter, though, is the fact that Miley's show is popular with children younger than half her age. I have seen 5 year-olds wearing Hannah Montana clothes and getting excited to go see her in concert the same way that their parents used to get excited about New Kids On The Block and their grandparents used to get excited about The Beatles.

This means that the same 5 year-olds probably have seen the MTV Teen Awards and Miley's presentation on the basics of being a stripper. So now they are going to think that dressing like her and dancing like her is perfectly OK. And don't we frown on child pornography in this country?

Child pornography is exactly what Miley's MTV performance was. A prosecutor recently tried to go after some high school girls for sending naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends. So why isn't somebody trying to do the same to Miley? I think it would be a great idea and it would be a fun trial to watch.

Miley, as a role model for millions of impressionable young girls, try to keep your clothes on. But if you are going to take them off to show the world that you're not a child star anymore, wait until you have had something other than Hannah Montana on your resume or at least until you're eighteen and can buy your own cigarettes instead of sending your assistant.


cheryl said...

I so, so agree. I was surprised by the amount of people who thought it wasn't "bad" or it wasn't a "stripper pole"...or she only "squatted down once". Please. It's all intentional...showing her grown up side.

At 16? I've raised two daughters to adulthood already, one to go. 16 is an age in flux but why provoke it???

I guess I've been a lucky Mom with this stuff...but Miley, get some sense.

Kristen said...

both of my daughters thought she looked "disgusting" and they thought it was "gross" that she had a stripper pole. Then they both asked me what a stripper pole is. Thanks Miley. Exactly what I wanted to be discussing with my 10 and 11 year old girls, stripper poles.

Stan Yann said...

Grown up side? What grown up side? She's sixteen and doesn't have a grown up side. My sister in law is nineteen and sometimes she still shows her teenage side despite the fact that she's legally an adult.