Sunday, February 01, 2009

Eagles Mere toboggan slide.

Today we took Lili to Eagles Mere to ride on the Eagles Mere toboggan slide. The worst part of the whole experience was standing in line which took about two and a half hours. That could have been a lot worse if the temperature wasn't above freezing.

To ease the mindless standing around, a local civic organization provided some snacks at a very low price. However, to get these you had to stand in another, much shorter, line. The price of the toboggan rentals wasn't bad either. $15 got you a small toboggan which sits six people. For $20 you can ride with seven of your friends or have some room for your stuff.

I have to admit that I had some trepidation about riding down an ice slide onto a frozen lake. These had more to do with the hill and the speed of the toboggan than the possibility of the ice breaking under us. Some part of my mind figured out that if the unusually high temperature made the ice unsafe to ride on, the people running the slide would have closed it down. But this did not become readily obvious to the rest of my mind which was too busy being gripped by irrational fear.

After the initial ride my fears were replaced with exhilaration which eventually gave way to exhaustion as we dragged the toboggan back up the hill. The whole experience was quite pleasant and despite the long lines was a better use of our time than sitting at home watching the pregame show would have been.

Everybody, including Lili who always denies that she had any fun, enjoyed themselves emmensly. Eagles Mere is a nice little village made up of a large number of summer homes and quaint shops with helpful shopkeepers. If you get a chance to visit Eagles Mere, you won't be disapointed by it.