Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Mets or Domino's?

I always thought of the Mets as the younger, quite often clueless member of the New York baseball family. I know that it is very hard to compete with the Yankees, especially with their 26 World Series titles and the legendary players who have worn pinstripes over the years, but the Mets seem to keep trying to go in the opposite direction.

They seem to be building a history of sheer stupidity. I guess you can say it started in the beginning, ever since the Mets were founded they have been using the NY logo that used to belong to the NY Giants. I am in favor of recycling, but a team, especially a team that plays in NYC, needs its own identity.

Now comes the latest chapter in the long line of Mets' blunders. Since this season is the inaugural season for the new Mets stadium, they, of course, designed a sleeve patch for the players' uniforms. The problem is that this patch looks like a horrible facsimile of the Domino's logo. See for yourself.