Sunday, November 02, 2008

New ideas.

This blog has been without a specific focus pretty much since its inception. Now I am thinking that maybe I should write about something specific. The problem is I don't exactly know what to write about. So any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated. You can either leave a comment following this post or email me at the email address listed in the About Me section.


xep44 said...

I don't know if I would suggest you change. I like your blog as is.
I know they, as in experts, say that if you want to grow your blog into huge proportions you're supposed to pick a topic and become an expert on that topic. But I like your posts because they're wide-ranging, timely, personal and usually fun.

I also like the photo posts.

If you really feel a need for a topic: You seem informed and opinionated on the political front, so that might be something you could focus on. There are always readers out there for the politics.

Maybe you might want to give it a try for a while, see how it works out. It's not like you have to stick with it forever.

TC@LeatherPenguin said...

Hey Stannie,
I agreed with xep; don't look for a close focus to concentrate on. I say to post more about what you know (like where you earned your degrees), but don't let that preclude you from doing what you have been doing.

With me, I just write about whatever is buzzing through my brainpan. Sometimes I refer back to my Wall Street days; politics was a big part of that.

Sometimes I post about stuff that is pretty much meaningless to the casual observer.

If you'd like to maybe make some money from blogging, it does help to build an audience if you have an authorative voice (as in "I earned a BA/Masters) on a certain subject. It gives you the bona fides to expound on the subject(s).