Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cubs '08.

When this season started I was rooting for the Chicago Cubs because this year marks one hundredth anniversary of the Cubs' last World Series win. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I am a New York Yankees fan, but I couldn't resist rooting for the underdog.

And it's hard to find a bigger underdog in all of sports than the Cubs. Compared to the winless century, the Red Sux 86 year winless streak is nothing to write home about. And now it might be 101 years before the Cubs win another World Series, making this the longest slump in the history of sports.

On the other hand, the LA Dodgers who eliminated the Cubs were led this season by Joe Torre. His old team, the Yankees, didn't even get into the postseason which it has done repeatedly with Torre at the helm. I wonder if Steinbrenner will replace the current manager after such a dismal performance this season. Also, with all the controversy surrounding baseball lately, I am looking forward to next year for more sports and less soap opera. Let's see what happens.