Friday, May 16, 2008

Politicians say the darndest things.

First, Barack Obama said that rural Pennsylvanians were ignorant, racist, and clung to God and guns for comfort. This statement pissed off a lot of people and resonated in the area like a church bell in the Grand Canyon.

Then the Mayor of Tunkhannock, a nearby small town, Norm Ball wrote a letter to his local paper which was reprinted by The Washington Post. In this letter Ball wrote that Obama isn't good for America and that Obama's upbringing in the Muslim world remains a mystery, thereby proving that rural Pennsylvanians are indeed ignorant and racist.

Finally, since these things seem to come in threes, The Artist Almost Formerly Known as The President visited Israel on the 60th anniversary of that country's founding and in a speech before the Israeli Senate compared Obama's desire to open dialog with the president of Iran to British Prime Minister Chamberlain's appeasing Hitler prior to the break out of World War II, thereby proving that ignorance and racism extend far beyond the borders of Pennsylvania.