Thursday, March 06, 2008

Away message.

I haven't posted much lately because Lili knocked over a cup that contained my unfinished ice tea right onto my laptop. This was a feeting end to a computer that has been abused by all of us for six years. My wife and I bought this laptop from a Sears store when she was student teaching and needed a computer to write her lesson plans. It was a display model but we didn't care since we absolutely had to have one. We even took it to my father's house once to have dinner and watch the 2002 Olympics. It relocated with us to the new apartment to make room for a crib and its future occupant who eventually killed it. Otherwise it sat on my desk throughout its useful life. Now the decedent remains where it always been, facing the window above my desk and the world that lies beyond. And in case you were wondering, I wrote this on my sister-in-law's laptop while watching The Simpsons at her house.