Thursday, October 25, 2007


The episode I have been anticipating for a week did not disappoint. The CSI cops chasing the killer virtually and actually was an interesting twist. Another deviation from the usual plot lines was the lack of a second case. Usually, no matter which of the CSI shows you watch, the team investigates a second murder. This time the team was chasing a professional killer and getting to her victims too late. And in the end she got away which probably means that there will be other CSI: SL episodes. The one aspect of the show I didn't like was the World of Warcraft style tournament Mac Taylor's SL avatar has to fight in to get information. But otherwise I think the episode was a successful blending of CSI and Second Life. For more CSI: SL check out this site, it has some cool SL tutorials and a link to the virtual CSI: NY.


TC said...

I am strarting to think we are going to need an episode of "CSI: Intervention" for you.

You are totally addicted!

Stan Yann said...

Hey, it's CSI and it takes places in New York. After Law and Order: CI it's my favorite show.