Monday, September 17, 2007

Public privacy.

In 1984 I was living in the Soviet Union and reading a samizdat copy of George Orwell's 1984. I didn't know where my father got a copy of that book in Russian (I figured it was from one of his decedent friends) and didn't care because if the authorities got wind of us having it, plausible deniability would be much easier. Back then I expected that Big Brother was watching me and that I didn't have any privacy.
Fast forward to present day, in 2007 I am living in the United States and posting on my blog. I make these posts because I want to express myself and because I want people to read them. However, everything I write is being stored in the vast memory banks of the blog hosting site for the purpose of creating the ultimate, all knowing database. Not to mention the fact that potential employees will Google my name in hopes of learning things about me that I might have left out of my resume. I don't have any drunk MySpace pictures and I'm too old for Facebook. So I feel somewhat safe with my on-line presence, but the fact that I traded Big Brother for Big Brother, Inc. disturbs me.