Monday, July 30, 2007

Catch phrases.

Yesterday, as I was watching my friend Lisa leaving the DesignStar studio, I began to wonder why reality shows have such stupid catch phrases. The highly pompous host of DesignStar told Lisa that her "show has been canceled." I thought the idea was that the contestant were there to win a show not to have one canceled. And how about the equally pompous host of the equally overrated Survivor, "the tribe has spoken" has got to be the dumbest thing in television history. The so-called tribe does not speak, they vote. And these votes, despite the host insisting on it, are not tallied. They are simply counted. Also, why does he keeps saying "somebody is going home tonight" after the contestants who get voted out go from the tribal council to the jury. What ever happened to the simplicity of a baseball umpire's call: "You're Out!" It does not belittle or humiliate the contestant, it simply notifies them that their turn is over. I would like to see more baseball umpires host so-called reality shows.