Thursday, April 12, 2007

A local Imus.

Gary Smith, a morning DJ at a radio station in nearby Stroudsburg, got fired yesterday for asking his listeners to repeat the phrase that only got Imus a two week suspension. I guess if Smith worked for CBS he would still have a job right now. Oops! It seems that I was a bit hasty in my admonishment of CBS, they decided to fire Imus after all. However, Smith pulled an Imus on Tuesday and got fired the following day while CBS waited a week and watched as advertisers fled the sinking ship before firing Imus. So the conclusion here is that money, and not the racial comment, was the proverbial straw.


TC said...

Gary should have just played a Ludicris record.

I've been to Stroudsberg... what's the real estate prices like? The "Escape from New York" vibe is evermore rattling my bones, YannMan.