Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Kerry issue.

By now, what John Kerry said about poor grades and being stuck in Iraq is old news. But I wanted to take time to ponder it because I wanted what I wrote to be what I thought, and not what I felt, about the issue. I think that the Republicans could not have planned it better themselves. I think that Kerry, without any help, torpedoed the Democrats who are trying to unseat the Republicans throughout the country. What Kerry said came so close to the election that it will still be fresh in the voters' minds on Tuesday. There is no amount of money the Republicans could have spent on negative ads, which by the way they are so good at, that would have caused this much damage. Another thing that Kerry did to help the Republican cause was not apologize right away. And when he did apologize it was a half-hearted apology which did nothing to improve the situation. Before the Kerry debacle I used to think that the Democrats had a chance of winning a lot of the elections around the country. Now I have no idea how this election is going to end. I guess we will see on Wednesday if the Democrats still have a chance.


TC said...

"we will see on Wednesday"?

Old friend, if the Democrats lose, they will go straight to the nearest courtroom. Their own hubris and MSM cheeleading claiming their inevitable victory will assure they won't accept being beaten at the polling precincts.